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In the first part below are sermons and talks in English in lightblue and below the English in the second part is the Spanish sermons and talks in an orange color. En la primera parte todo está en ingles en color azulito y después en la segunda parte más abajo todo está en Español con naranja

Pero si quieres ver a los sermones en español del modo inmediato, entra en el enlace arriba que dice "Pláticas en Español" y te va a llevar imediatamente al sitio de los sermones en español abajo con el fondo  naranjado

Pope Benedict XVI decreed in Summorum Pontificum July 7, 2007 that any priest of the Latin Rite can say the Old Latin Trendentine Mass without permission from his bishop and the same pope reiterated in May of 2011 that what was decreed on July 7, 2007 is universal law of the Church, that both the old Latin Mass and the New English Mass is now both mainstream in the Church. He also said, what our forefathers loved we must not despise - referring to the Latin Mass. 

 Sermons After Pentecost 2018 from 10th Week to 24th Week

Conferences 2018

Oct 6, 2018 Manhood #2.                                              

 Sermons After Pentecost 2018 from 1st Week to 9th Week

07/22/2018 9th Sunday After Pentecost                                                                       

Sermons Sexagesima Season Before Lent and Lent 2018

3/2018 1st Sunday of Lent.                                              

 Sermons Easter 2018

5/6/2018 5th Sunday after Easter.                                                        

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Retreat

These series of Ignatian Meditations were preached at two separate ignatian retreats and one parrochial missions but all by the same preacher and they are placed here below in such a way that it follows the themes of the Spiritual Exercises Manual of St Ignatius all the way through from start to finish - geared for a 8 day retreat versus the original 30 days retreat

 Requiem Sermons 2018 

Conferences on the 3 Stages of Spiritual Life by Saint Teresa of Avila

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El Tiempo de Navidad 2018 y el Año Nuevo 2019

Sermones en Español en la Etapa Sexagésima antes de la Cuaresma 2018

Pope Benedict XVI Saying the Latin Mass as Cardinal